Virtual Photo Booth for Online Events

Social Distancing may be the new normal, but a Virtual Photo Booth allows your guests, friends, family, employees or audiences to participate and be social in your next event, conference, team building exercise or marketing campaign. With Virtual Booth, anyone can participate from anywhere in the world on any personal device.

Engage Globally with Our Virtual Photo Booth

Virtual Booth is so simple to use and navigate. There is no app download needed and uses devices’ built in cameras. Guests visit the virtual booth link provided by the event host. They then go on to choose between photo, GIF or boomerang. Once their activation is chosen they can then smile and pose! Once the session is over, users can email or text their photos to themselves to complete this unique and memorable experience.


Virtual Booth is completely customizable. Page Activations will work with you to customize everything from the home page background to the instructional text. We will match all colours, images and logos to make sure the Virtual Booth properly represents your brand. Other customizable items include, photo overlays, AI background graphics and email template design.

Virtual Booth gives users lots of options as well. In addition to photo, GIF or Boomerang, they can choose between multiple overlay options, multiple AI background removal options and whether they want to text, email, download or share their images on socials.

Want to give users even more Virtual Booth fun?! Add on the spin and win or scratch and win option! Before sharing their photos, guests can play a short game to win prizes. Once again, all graphics are customizable to match the brand.

Don’t let the fun stop there! Page Activations can use all the photos taken during the virtual sessions and create a digital mosaic out of them. A digital mosaic is where individual photos come together to create one large photo mosaic. You can have your guests watch it come together in real time or send out the completed link post event.

Virtual Booth is being booked for conferences, expos, parties, marketing campaigns, holiday celebrations, galas, school events, retail marketing, sporting events, internal team building events and more.

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