Camera Array – Get the 3D Effect

Photos are fun, GIFs are great and Boomerangs are awesome, but with the Camera array, your photos truly come to life! The Camera Array is an open air booth that uses a minimum of 6 cameras to capture multiple angles at the same time. The photos are then stitched together which produces a 3D photo effect.

The Camera Array uses something called the Bullet time effect. This is often used in the TV and film industry, but Page Activations brings it right to your event! Bullet time is a visual effect used to slow down time during an action scene, like that famous scene from The Matrix. With the Camera Array technology we are able to capture a single moment in time, from multiple angles… cool right?!

Capture Every Angle with Page Activations’ Camera Array Booth

The standard Camera Array comes with 6 cameras, but you can upgrade to 14 or even 24 based on the size of your event and the effect you want to achieve. 6 Cameras is your base, your guests will be captured from 6 different angles and the output will be 3D photos. 14 cameras goes even further, giving you a full 180 degree view. When you move up to 24 cameras, the bullet time camera array captures a full 360 degree view.

The process is simple! ​Guests are invited into the Camera Array photo booth to strike a pose. Once the session is over, guests are directed to the sharing station to instantly view their branded video. At the kiosk they can share their video via email, text, Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.

Page Activations provides friendly and engaging event staff to assist with the booth. We typically supply 3 staff to ensure a seamless experience. These staff members are responsible for line management, directing guests through the experience, and manning the sharing kiosks.


This experience can be fully branded to ensure your brand has as much exposure as possible at the event. Adding creative elements to your activation will enhance the experiences and leave a lasting impression on guests. The key branding elements are the backdrop and the graphic overlay. Our studio can print spandex backdrops in various colours and sizes. Our graphic design team will assist with the design of the video overlay as well as an intro/outro video to create enhanced shareable content.

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