Green Screen Photo Booth

What Is A Green Screen Photo Booth?

Page Activations provides Green Screen Photo Booth Rentals in Toronto and throughout Canada. The Green Screen Booth digitally transforms a green screen backdrop into a custom graphic, photo, or video. Give your guests a choice of up to 5 different background options. Our custom software enables the guests to view the backdrop before the photo being captured. This will give your guests a better idea of where to stand and how to position themselves. The Page Activations team provides all the necessary green screen equipment to ensure the photo booth experience is seamless. It’s always vital to have professional lighting when shooting on green screen. Once the photo is taken guests can have the option to share their photo to social channels, email, or SMS. Many clients enhance the experience by having custom prints live at the event. We can provide 4 by 6 prints or 5 by 7 with a branded overlay.
​Our team of designers will work with you on custom photo layouts & designs. Our in-house graphics team plays a key role in the green screen process as most elements throughout the booth are done digitally. We can also print and design a custom branded vinyl wrap for the enclosure. This adds another level of branding and can be incorporated into the event aesthetics. When the event is done you will be provided with a password-protected link to access all your event photos.
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The Green Screen Booth In Action!

How do you use the Green screen booth?

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Get Ready!

Step into our Green Screen Photo Booth space and pick a background.


Our booth attendant will position the guests and count down for them to pose.

Almost Done!

Approach the booth to review your photo. Choose to continue or retake the picture.


Choose to print, email and/or text your photos instantly from the Green Screen Booth. Add an external sharing kiosk upon request!


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