360 Video Booths – The Latest and Greatest

People are always looking for the next best thing for their events. They want to have something different, something their guests have never seen before. Well, here it is, the 360 Video Booth is the latest in photo booth technology. Instead of just a camera pointing at a backdrop, the 360 Booth does just that, a full 360 view!

Page Activation 360 video booth

The 360 Booth comes with an HD video camera that rotates 360 degrees around guests while they stand on a raised platform. Guests pose and dance while the camera captures every moment. This booth is the perfect addition to any event, be it a product launch, gala, wedding or bar mitzvah. The booths large footprint ensures it will not be missed. No one will be able to resist coming over to the booth to see what its all about. Once guests see others having so much, they wont be able to resist joining in.

Step Into the Future of Event Entertainment with Our 360 Video Booth

The 360 Video Booth is completely customizable. Our team of designers will work with you to create a branded video overlay and choose fun and fitting music. You also have the option to add into and outro videos. Other custom features include: custom booth decals, custom backdrops or enclosures, custom printed props, full set design, confetti and additional studio lights.


Want to get even more creative with your 360 Video booth? Use Video FX. The 360 booth can do slow motion, spilt screen, colour filters and so much more! Speak with a Page Activations team member to discuss all options.

The activation isn’t over when the event ends. We can provide you with a variety of post-event data such as a link to all your videos, data collection such as names, email addresses, demographics and even activation analytics. When guests visit the sharing kiosk after using the 360 Video Booth, a disclaimer will pop up asking guests permission to collect their information. Guests have the option to send themselves their videos instantly via email or text or post instantly to social media vide Facebook, twitter and/or Instagram.

Our on-site staff adds to the experience because they can direct and manage the experience for your event. Its key to have 2-3 staff on-site to ensure a steady flow, quality content being created, and engaging with your guests throughout the event. Page Activations 360 Video Booth is based in Toronto however, we have locations throughout Canada. Some of our key locations for our photo booth and video booths are Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, New York, California, and Miami.

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