Photo Booths – A wedding must have!

So you’ve booked the venue, the caterer, the band and decor, now its time to take your wedding to the next level with a photo booth!

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A top reason for a photo booth at your wedding is the memories made and captured. With all the wedding excitement of family and friends gathering, the dancing, the food and of course the milestone of GETTING MARRIED, when you receive the full link of all the photos from the booth, post event, you get to relive the night all over again, and partially through the eyes of your guests. The post event link allows the happy couple to see how much fun their guests had at the party, reminisce about who was there, what they wore and who’s date might have had one too many drinks 😉

Elevate Your Wedding Celebration with Page Activations Photo Booths

The memories made in a photo booth, aren’t just for the bride and groom. With Page Activation’s photo booths, guests will receive their photos via email and/or text to post on social media AND they they get a hard copy print out. Every time a guest looks at their photo that is hung up on their refrigerator, or pinned up at their work desk, they will smile and be reminded of they amazing time they had at your wedding.

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There are so many ways to customize your photo booth so it’s unique to your event! Book photos, gifs or videos. Choose between black and white “Kardashian” photos or sepia tones for a classic vintage look. Design your layout and graphics to match your event colour scheme or theme. Request props such as signs, wigs, glasses, lips and boas. Don’t forget about backdrop options either! Standard white for a clean classic look, glitter curtains for glamour, or an interior brick wall for a rustic look.

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Don’t let the fun stop there! Page Activations can use all the photos taken during the virtual sessions and create a digital mosaic out of them. A digital mosaic is where individual photos come together to create one large photo mosaic. You can have your guests watch it come together in real time or send out the completed link post event.

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The bottom line is that photo booths are just pure fun … for everyone. Whether you are the bride and groom, the younger cousins, or the grandparents, when you enter a photo booth we guarantee you will be smiling, and not just because you are saying CHEESE!

Page Activations is run out of Toronto, however, we do activate in both Ottawa and Montreal as well. Page Activations is your Toronto Photo Booth Company!

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