To Infinity and Beyond!

The Infinity booth does it all. Photo, video, gif, boomerangs and more! With its sleek look and adjustable footprint, the Infinity booth works perfectly at any event. Use it with no backdrop in a small space, or with an entire set design in a large space. You can add extra lights for a studio affect or keep it simple with the booths built in flash, either way, you get perfect photos every time.

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Infinity Booth: The Ultimate Photo Experience for Every Event

Prints and Social Sharing

Guests can take home hard copies of their photos and/or share digital copies instantly! Once guests are done taking their photos, they are directed to our sharing kiosks where they can view their photos, send them to themselves via email or text and/ or share on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Sharing screens can be branded to match the aesthetics of the event as well, Page Activations offers QR code scanning for touch-less interaction.


Want to know how it went? Page Activations will send you a full spreadsheet of how many guests used the booth, how many prints were made, how many emails were sent and how many people posted to social. We all so offer a survey add on where clients can ask guests for information such as first and last name, contact information, if they would like to be signed up for newsletters or if they enjoyed their experience. Disclaimers will be required for any data to be collected at an event.

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