Infinity Photo Booth Rental

The Posibilities are Infinite

The Infinity booth is our most popular Photo Booth Rentals because the possibilities are infinite!

Not only does it take top-quality photos, but it also does, GIFs, Green Screen, Video, Filters, and more.
Every experience is custom to our clients. Page Activations works with you on custom photo layouts, overlays & designs.

Every time you book one of our Photo Booth Rentals, it is accompanied by friendly and professional staff.
We guarantee a unique and memorable experience for everyone who uses this booth!
photo booth rental
photo booth rental

Why Choose Our Photo Booth for Rent?

Our photo booths is great at making the environment interesting and fun. This isn't just a place to take pictures; it's a live adventure that records all the fun times from different points of view. It's easy to set up, works quickly, and can be instantly connected to social media, making it a great addition to add some excitement to your event.

Professional Service and Support

From the beginning to the end for photo booth rentals process, our committed team makes sure that everything goes smoothly and without any stress. We will set up, run, and take down the photo booth, so you can focus on having fun at the event. We promise that everything will go smoothly and be fun for all of your friends because we have friendly staff on hand.

photo booth rental


Customize Your Infinity Photo Booth Experience

A totally customizable photo booth can make your business event more fun. Make sure that everything, from branded backdrops to themed booth wraps, fits perfectly with your company's or event brand for photo booth rentals. Personalize photo layouts and props to make the experience one of a kind. This will make your business event memorable and in line with your brand.
photo booth rental

How do you use
the Infinity Booth?

infinite booth

Get Ready!

Step into the Photo Booth space and position yourself in the live view.


Our booth attendant will count down for guests to smile and pose.

Almost Done!

Approach the booth to review your photo. Choose to continue or retake the picture.


Choose to print, email and/or text your photos instantly from the Photo Booth. Add an external sharing kiosk upon request!



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