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The possibilities are Infinite

The Infinity booth is our most popular Photo Booth Rentals because the possibilities are infinite!

Not only does it take top-quality photos, but it also does, GIFs, Green Screen, Video, Filters, and more.
Every experience is custom to our clients. Page Activations works with you on custom photo layouts, overlays & designs.

Every time you book one of our Photo Booth Rentals, it is accompanied by friendly and professional staff.
We guarantee a unique and memorable experience for everyone who uses this booth!

The Infinity Booth in action!

How do you use the Infinity Booth?

Get Ready!

Step into the Photo Booth space and position yourself in the live view.

Get Ready!

Our booth attendant will count down for guests to smile and pose.

Almost Done!

Approach the booth to review your photo. Choose to continue or retake the picture.

Almost Done!

Choose to print, email and/or text your photos instantly from the Green Screen Booth. Add an external sharing kiosk upon request!


Do you provide staff?

The infinity Booth will always come with a minimum of 2 staff

How much space do you need?

We need a minimum of 10 feet by 10 feet space with a dedicated 15amp circuit.

How long do you need to set up?

We need 2 hours for set up time to ensure our lighting and output is high quality.

How much does it cost for the activation?

Pricing really depends on the length of event, location and how much you brand.

Can you brand the experience?

100% We always urge our clients to brand the experience with a custom backdrop, booth wrap, custom sharing kiosk and branded email.

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