GlamBot Booth

Get the Red Carpet treatment with Glam Bot: the ultimate high-speed video experience.

What is the GlamBot?

The Glambot is a high-speed camera mounted on a robotic arm which is regularly used to capture red carpet glamor shots at the Grammys and Golden Globes. The Glambot features are available to capture high-end moving portraits of your guests.
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glambot photo

How Glambot Works

Step into a whole new world of videos with Glambot—it's like magic! Picture a super-fast camera on a robot arm, making every moment movie-like. Glambot moves smoothly catches all the thrilling moments as they happen. More than a camera – it's our superhero technology for all events, making your brand stand out. 

The Glambot Action!

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Where to Use Glambot For Maximum Impact

Glambot easily adapts to a wide range of events, adding a touch of sophistication and innovation. Elevate corporate gatherings as Glambot captures the essence of professional interactions, becoming a powerful tool for brand recognition. Having a special day? Glambot turns events into movie-like experiences that capture the magic of love and happiness forever. Step into product launches, where Glambot adds a touch of glamour to unveilings, creating an unforgettable experience. Whether it's a grand gala, a product launch or a sophisticated corporate event, Glambot stands ready to enhance the magic of any occasion.

Why Choose Our Glambot

When it comes to event photography, our Glambot steals the spotlight with its unmatched popularity and innovative features. More than a camera, Glambot is a storyteller, capturing every moment with cinematic brilliance. Its dynamic movements, high-speed portraits, and real-time adaptability set it apart, ensuring a photography experience beyond the ordinary. Moreover, our friendly team will seamlessly set everything up for you and provide technical assistance to make your event memorable. Choose our Glambot for events that deserve a touch of red-carpet sophistication and allure!


Notable Brands We've Worked With.

How do you create a GlamBot Video?

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Get Ready!

Step in front of the GlamBot video booth and get ready for your GLAM Shot!


Our event director will instruct you on how to move as we trigger the robot.

Almost Done!

When your session is complete its sent through our software to instantly add music and graphics so its ready for you to share.


View your custom video at our sharing station and simply plug in your email or scan the QR code to receive your GlamBot Video.


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