360 Video Booth

Elevate your corporate event with our 360 Video. It’s an interactive experience that encourages
fun and fosters memorable moments.

What Is A 360 Video Booth?

The 360 Experience is a unique and sharable activation. Our platform can hold up to 4 people depending on the height if each person. The platform has a built in HD camera which spins around the guests and captures the moment in a matter of 15 seconds. After the guests has finished recording their video it is ready for them to share in under 30 seconds. The video will instantly have music applied, custom watermark, intro and outro slides.

Our 360 experience comes with 2 – 3 staff depending on the attendance of the event. We supply all lighting, wiring and software to ensure the process is as turn key as possible.
360 Video Booth
360 Video Booth

Why Choose Our 360 Booth?

Our 360 Video, stands out with its ability to engage and entertain. It's not just a photo booth, but a dynamic experience that captures every angle of the fun. With its quick set-up, easy use, and instant sharing capabilities, it's the perfect way to add a wow factor to your event.

Rent a 360 Photo Booth Now

Get ready for an adventure you won't soon forget by renting a 360 Video Booth from Page Activations. To make sure your event is remembered, we have a state-of-the-art 360 Photo Booth that records every laugh, dancing move, and special moment from a breathtaking 360-degree angle.
360 Video Booth

The 360 Video Booth In Action!

360 Video Booth

Tailored to Your Event

Customize your 360 videos experience with branded backdrops, booth wraps, custom sharing kiosks and additional
 accessories. We offer a range of personalization options to ensure the booth aligns perfectly with your event's theme and brand identity, making each experience unique and memorable.

Seamless Integration and Sharing

In today’s digital world, instant sharing is crucial. Our 360 Booth integrates seamlessly with social media, allowing guests to share their unique slow-motion 360-degree videos instantly. This feature not only adds to the fun but also amplifies your event's reach and engagement on social platforms.
360 Video Booth
360 Video Booth

Easy Setup and Professional Assistance

We ensure a hassle-free experience with our professional setup and operation team. From installation to assistance available during the event and recording videos, our team is dedicated to providing a smooth, enjoyable photo booth experience for you and your guests.

How do you create a 360 Video?

360 Video

Get Ready!

Step onto our custom 360 video booth platform with 3-4 friends!


Our director will remotely trigger our camera to start filming.

Almost Done!

When your session is complete its sent through our software to instantly add music and graphics so its ready for you to share.


View your custom video at our sharing station and simply plug in your email to receive your 360 Video.


360 video booth rental

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