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What is a Prism Photo Booth?

Prism Kaleidoscope Photo Booth is the ultimate unique photo booth experience
The Prism Photo Booth is a unique photo booth that is one of a kind. Guests’ images are taken when they look into the Prism Booth, view a 6-second countdown, and film a short video. The booth then adds a kaleidoscope effect, custom music and instantly outputs a sharable video.
Guests can share their photo experience from our social sharing stations to Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, or Instagram.
The footprint for the Prism Photo Booth is small and only uses a 5- foot by 5-foot space.
Page Activations provides engaging team members to assist guests with their experience to ensure a smooth process.
Our unique Prism Kaleidoscope Photo Booth is ideal for activation and pop up events.
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Here is a promo video of the Prism Photo Booth Experience

Prism Photo Booth in Action!

How does The Prism Photo Booth Experience work?

Get Ready!

Step in front of the Prism Photo Booth and look inside!

Get Ready!

You will notice a countdown clock inside the Prism Photo Booth. At this point you can smile or make funny faces during your time frame.

Almost Done!

When your session is complete its sent through our software to instantly add music and graphics so its ready for you to share.

Almost Done!

View your custom video at our sharing station and simply plug in your email to receive your Prism Video.


Do you provide staff?

Our Prism Photo Booth always comes with 2 staff.

How much space do you need?

We need a minimum of 5 feet by 5 feet space with a dedicated 15amp circuit.

How long do you need to set up?

We need 2 hours for set up time to ensure our lighting and output is high quality.

How much does it cost for the activation?

Pricing really depends on the length of event, location and how much you brand.

Can you brand the experience?

100%  All videos can be branded with custom music, intro slides, video overlays and even a custom HTML email.

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